Where heritage and traditions are a way of life........

Nestled in a quaint little town in Indiana there was a farmer, not just any farmer, a special farmer, my grandpa Harold.
Later, when he started his own family, his values and dedication were passed down from generation to generation.
There was never a moment in his children's lives that they didn't know how special they were.

The little girl, or the "poster child" for Hoosier Candle Company is my mom. She was the middle child.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hoosier Candle Company puts Lafayette Indiana on the map.......

On the ABC World News Made in America map that is!  On June 21st we were contacted by a representative of Diane Sawyers team that said they had been told about our Made in America product,  and that they had checked out our website and were interested in our story.  After calls, emails and such we were told that we would be put on their map!  This is such an honor for us and very exciting and we hope the beginning of many new customers that appreciate Made in America products. 

And how did this happen? It was a random act of kindness at the hand of a facebook fan that was so taken by our story she just had to share it.  We have never met her, but will forever be grateful for her kind words, her belief in small business and her connection to Indiana....as she is now a "Canadian" that was once a Hoosier.  So Jennifer....thank you!

Over the course of just two years our little project has grown into a great little company.  Our scent lists continue to grow, our customer base continues to grow, as well as ideas for new products!  And everytime I pour a candle, a melt, or create something new, I reflect on the "roots" of who I am, what I stand for and can smile knowing that a little 'ol Hoosier girl did this!

And if you would like to see our complete scent list, products that we offer, and read our complete story, be sure to visit us on our online store and website, which can be found at:

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